Freelance (April 2021 - Present)

I have taken some freelance contracts since april 2021, doing game dev and full stack web work.

Talentum Digital - Ku Cycle Site (July - October 2021) - Full Stack Developer

Talentum is an online marketing agency based in Madrid. They contracted me as a full stack developer to finish the online shop for one of their clients, Netherlands based triathlon bikes seller KuCycle, in a team of 2 devs.
We used wordpress along with many inherited plugins, namely WooCommerce for store integration. This entailed php code for backend and queries on a mySQL database, along with html5 and javascript for frontend layout and visual logic (accordions, dropdowns, ..), following the wordpress template architecture.


Omni Digital technologies - Psycasso (April 2021 - Present) - Game Developer


Ollie Plaatsman, founder of omni-digital technologies, has been a friend of mine since university, and we have collaborated on some little games as a hobby (hes made the music for my homebrew wii game, we collaborated on Awaken Alone,..); As time went on, we started doing more fully fledged games.

I’m one of the developers in ‘Psycasso: A Disturbingly Creative Adventure’, working on experimental gameplay elements of the core project. As a team lead, I write the architecture for key game systems and maintain its documentation; I consult with other devs to make sure these systems interact correctly and the development workflow remains fluid, as well as mentor when someone needs to take up tasks in a different area. We work in Unity.

Climax Studios (May 2019 - April 2021) - Coder

I have taken part in several small scale codevelopment teams for AAA projects.

I started writing multiplayer code for Returnal, accomodating gameplay features for a networked environment (May 2019 - June 2020).

I was then moved to help Destruction All Stars achieve a standard of accessibility features expected on Sony’s platform (July 2020 - October 2020).

Then I came back on Returnal to bring in those same accessibility standards before launch (October 2020 - April 2021), making the game more approachable for all audiences.